Government Vehicle Lifts

Heavy Duty Lifts for Heavy Duty Trucks

SEFAC lifts are proven to be up to the demands of heavy duty truck applications. If you are a public works department or a truck repair shop, this is the lift for you. To use a SEFAC mobile column lift, all you need is a flat, solid floor and a power supply and before you know it, the vehicle is in the air for important maintenance. Because SEFAC lifts are portable, they give you the flexibility to adapt as the working environment or conditions change. They can be used inside or outside or across multiple work stations. Once the vehicle is in the air, you have unobstructed access to the vehicle underside We can supply as a set of four or six columns for different type of vehicles as well as in a range of capacities up to 50,000lbs per column.

Technical features designed to exceed the requirements of the heavy duty maintenance workshop:

Capacity per column/4/6 columns 18,000, 72,000, 108,000 lbs
Lifting height 71 inches
Lifting speed (Variable) 27½ inches/mn - 67 inches/mn
Safety distance between the vehicle and the front of the column 11 inches
Electrical components protection against water and Dust IP 55
Emergency stop button On each column
Hydraulic jacking unit with safety handle On each column
Weight per column Primary column: 870 lbs.
Secondary column: 849 lbs.
Height of outrigger leg for access under low vehicles 5⅛ inch
Operational Modes Single, pairs, all
Touch Screen Controls Simple, column selector, variable lifts, speed, column height


“After 6 years of trouble free use I had a problem when the guys got in this morning. I called the SEFAC service help desk; the service tech took care of my problem immediately and stopped by next morning to check them out. “  -Joe – Phoenix, AZ